Bear Republic Café 15 Racer Review


Bear Republic Brewing Inc. – Cloverdale, California

Café Racer 15 – Double IPA

“Café Racer 15 features aroma of bright citrus and ruinous pine from the generous use of Citra, Amarillo, Cascade and Chinook hops which are complemented by a dry malt finish. The result is a high revving Double IPA that is loud and assertive, much like the rebellious street racers who inspired it.
Never ride alone…”

I was getting off late today and heard that Café Racer 15 had just hit the streets here in SoCal. So I thought I deserved a beer today and what better beer than to try the new Café Racer 15. Heck, I deserved it. I worked 10 hours today.

I had many of the offerings from Bear Republic, from the Big Bear Black, Hop Rod Rye, the classic Racer 5, the beautiful Racer X, and my personal favorite the Tartare Berliner Weiss not to mention others that have always been great. Bear Republic has always been a staple to new and old Craft Beer Drinkers.

So I make it home tonight, turned the TV on which oddly enough had the Dodgers vs Yankees game on. I went straight to the kitchen and popped the bottle.

On to this beauty if a beer. At 9.75% abv I was expecting another huge boozy IPA that was going to be tough to take down. Most big IPA’s now days are more like American Barleywines. Not the case at all!
At first pour, it poured a semi-slear, to a medium haze, deep copper color. The nose blasted me in the face before the glass was full of beer. WOW! This is aromatic. It’s like as if someone shoved a pine cone up my nose. Smell of a Danky dirty “plant”. The head was beautiful too. About two fingers full. It was a soft egg white head with super tight bubbles that stuck around for a few minutes. Carbonation was perfect. The body is big and mouth filling, so I like the way the carbonation lifted it off my tongue quickly.
Now after much anticipation, I took a SWIG.
BAM! I was instantly hit with a nice and flavorful mouthful of hops. Starts of with a citrus, fruity flavor, maybe even some tropical and drives into a huge piney flavor. It ends at the back end with a gigantic bitterness. The malt profile is very light for a 9% beer. So it’s very dry. Which works perfectly for me. Makes it VERY drinkable. The finish is crazy bitter and sticky. I have to scrape the top of my mouth with a fork to get the resin coat from it. My tongue is numb at the finish of the bomber. But I’m feeling good right now.

All and all..this beer is well made! For a 9%+ beer, it’s very dry, extremely hoppy, has a wonderful nose, and very drinkable. I would definitely buy this one again!

Now, I always understand that everyone’s palate is different and you may have a different preference in style. So this is my opinion to the beer. I always say, try it for yourself and form your own opinion.

Peace, Love and Beer!


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  1. Love this beer, and I think your review is great. If you are looking for more recommendations on great beer then follow my blog

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