Mash & Grind by The Bruery


The Bruery – Placentia, CA.
Mash & Grind – “An English-style classic with rich flavors spent aging in bourbon barrels, plus fresh roasted coffee from Portola Coffee Lab”

First off, I must give a huge “Thank You!” to Frank at Hacienda Beverage in Brea, Ca. He gave me this beer as a gift.

After a long Monday at work. My Wife recommended we share this beer together. How can I resist?

I opened the bottle at a pretty cold temperature, and eagerly served my wife and myself a pour. At first pour the beer was a pretty dark brown color with an auburn tint around the edges. Off white head with some sticky lacing for a Barleywine. Head leaves a constant white ring around the glass at all times.

I don’t want to turn the whole review into a straight B**r Adv*cate review, which can be redundant. So sorry if it comes off that way.

I couldn’t wait to drink this beauty of a beer so I wasn’t waiting around for it to warm up. Cold, the nose came across very chocolaty to me, almost like a vanilla latte. Picking up vanilla, coffee, hint of chocolate, toffee, and small touch of alcohol. More of an oak presence rather than bourbon. It is cold but as it warmed up later, it smelled more of toffee or you can say had a more barleywine smell with a little more booziness and the bourbon definitely showed up. Yum Yum!

As I took a drink, it was like I was drinking a mocha latte. I fell in love. It was vanilla, coffee, chocolate, and toffee. Followed by a small touch of bitterness at the end ending with some booziness. Not hot at all for the 12.5% abv. The number one thing I am impressed about the beer was the fact that the coffee doesn’t take over the beer and didn’t have that harsh bitterness you get from some coffee beers. It’s a perfect balance of coffee and oak from the bourbon barrel. It has a very soft mouthfeel. Everything comes together in harmony and is well blended. I’m thinking this beer is ready to drink now. Fresh. As it starts to warm up, the true base beer comes out, Barleywine flavors, toffee, caramel, some dark fruits along with the booziness show up. Welcome to the party guys! (Yeah, I talk to my beer and the flavors). Bitterness is showing up more. Toward the end of the glass, my lips got sticky. Smelling my upper lip, its latte again. Vanilla and coffee is what this beer is a about. The bourbon pops at the back end of the palate to the throat once the beer really warms up. Wow! This beer has so many layers as it changes temperatures!

I’m thinking this is one of my recent favorites from The Bruery. I’m a huge English Barleywine fan and was interested how the coffee would work with the style since there’s not many out there. It worked beyond my expectations. I will definitely want another bottle of this again. Cheers to the Bruery for being bold in all there beers and showing no fear in what they do.

Like I have said before, I don’t claim to be BJCP certified or a Cicerone. This is just my experience while drinking this beer. Your experience may be different. I wrote this on my phone while drinking the beer. I know, I may not be a professional or may not have the same palate as you. But I’m glad you stuck around for the whole thing till the end anyway. So for that, Cheers to you!




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