El Camino UnReal Black Ale 2010 Collaboration by Stone Brewing Co., Firestone Walker Brewing Co. and 21st Amendment Brewery


Stone Brewing Co. – (Stonebrew.com)
Firestone Walker Brewing Co (Firestonewalker.com)
21st Amendment Brewery (21st-Amendment.com)

El Camino UnReal – Black Ale – 9.5% Alc/Vol

The 2010 Collaboration between these three amazing brewers, Mitch Steele from Stone Brewing Co., Matt Brynildson from Firestone Walker Brewing Co., and Shaun O’Sullivan from 21st Amendment Brewery. Representing all the parts of California being the El Camino Real. Hence the name El Camino UnReal.

First of all, huge “thank you” goes out to my good friend Alex Villa who has kept this refrigerated since purchased and passed it on to me to enjoy.

This beer is pushing the 4 year mark so I couldn’t wait to open this baby and see what she was tasting like (yeah, I refer to my beers as if it was an intimate date between just the two of us).
I’m going to be a little unorthodoxed here and start off by saying..”MAN THIS BEER IS FANTASTIC!”

I popped the cap and poured the beer into my Stone Brewing Co. glass. The color is black as the night sky in the open sea. I had to put it up to the light to get a small ruby tone around the outer edges of the rim. Still holding up on the carbonation, really well.

Man, the aroma smells a lot like black licorice, and dark fruits. Nothing more. At first taste, I got smacked straight up with dark fruits. Specifically black licorice, dark figs, and even some sweet tart plum at the finish. Dare I say, the flavor profile (at this point) mimics a baby Firestone Walker Parabola? This lovely lady has a great body! Big curvy body, silky and smooth. It even has a touch of hoppy bitterness at the very end. The carbonation and the minimal bitterness was just enough to balance the body out nice. Whats great is the beer finishes off so dry.

What a great date this was. One for the books!

Thanks for reading my own personal experience with the El Camino UnReal. Although not all dates are the same, I hope your experience with this beer was or is as good as mine.




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