Black Rhino – Black Imperial India Pale Ale 8.5% abv by Ohana Brewing Company


After a long day of work, and just settling in at the house. I got a suprise visit from a friend of mine and now brewer of Ohana Brewing Company, Erick “Riggz” Villar. Watching him walk up the walkway with a cooler in his hand, I knew it was going to be a good suprise. Riggz opened the cooler and hands me a growler of Ohana’s Black Rhino.

Black Rhino is the third release of their “Rhino” series from Ohana. The Rhino series was dedicated to L.A.’s craft beer legend and creator of Rhinosruin & also a writer at Beers In Paradise, Alex “Rhino” Rebollo. The first release was Rhino’s Ruin. Second release was Rhino’s Redemption. Both brewed by former Head Brewer and now Smog City Brewing brewer Chris Walowski. The third and final of the trilogy, Black Rhino, which was brewed by Riggz.

After getting a little “grub” into our bellies prepared by my Wife, I was eager to crack open the growler.
We sat around the dinning room table and poured our first (OF MANY!) pours.
So I popped the swing top growler open, and took a whiff. Poured up 2 glasses, one for Riggz and one for myself.


The beer poured a really dark brown even cola-like with a big carbonated white mocha colored head. From the first whiff, I got a touch of pine followed by chocolate. So we “Salud” and took a swig.

First drink I got a huge chocolate taste. Settling in, and going in for the second drink, Black Rhino starts off chocolaty taste on the front end of the palate. Not a harsh dark chocolate bitterness but a soft silky chocolate matching the medium body. What’s great about the bigger carbonation is that it lifted the chocolate body off the tongue quicker and making way for the big piney hop profile to come rolling in afterward telling you, this is an IPA. So good, it’s like 2 different beers in one drink. Starting off chocolatey and ending piney.

I didn’t realize that this was an 8.5% abv beer until I seen the label. I got zero heat and no alcohol taste whatsoever. The beer finished so dry which made it so refreshing at the same time. Truth be told, it was too easy to drink! We finished the growler Riggz brought and found myself wanting more. So, I popped my “review” growler afterwards. I guess that can tell you what I thought of the beer. We went through a 32oz growler and a 1 liter growler in one sitting. Over indulge? Never!

Thanks to Riggz for sharing and Ohana Brewing for the beer!

Look out for Black Rhino on draught at your local Craft Beer spot.

I thank you and appreciate you reading my experience with Black Rhino Black Imperial IPA. Hope you enjoyed.

Steven Torres


Ohana Brewing Company
1756 E 23rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90058

Ohana Brewing Company Taproom (opening soon)
7 S. First Street
Alhambra, CA 91801

Ohana Brewing Company


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