Drinko De Mayo Scooter Ride In San Gabriel Valley May 3rd, 2015


Well hello folks, been a while but I’m back! What a good way to start, was asked by some old friends about helping set up a scooter rally from the brewery REV Brewing Co in Covina Ca (where I brew craft beer) to my frequent visits to Progress Brewing in South El Monte Ca. So it’s set up, so dust off those Vespa’s and Lambretta’s and join the fun.

I will be there for this event and will post many pics and review of this great event to be held May 3rd 2015. Here’s some details from the Facebook Invite page:

“BZZZZZZZ….. is that a pack of bees???? No they aren’t Michael Pigneguy’s, but he probably is broke down behind the noise. It’s the Hive Crew, representing East Los. Leading our monthly ride this month will be our own Rafael Nava and the Hive Crew. 

Meet up 12:00pm
Join us at noon at REV Brewery in Covina 1580 W San Bernardino Rd, Covina, CA 91722 brewery link for a sweet tour around 1:00pm for some of LA’s finest brews and some good times with the Eastside.

Turnbull Ride 2:00pm
After the tour we will head south west, across historic Turnbull Canyon, in the Rose Hills. Some nice twisty roads and some even nicer views will make for an awesome ride. Please make sure your brakes and such are up to par as this will be a vigorous ride.

Brewery tour 3:00pm
at Progress Brewing South El Monte brewery link
Think you’ve had enough??? Think again, because we are going on another brewery tour. Set to arrive around 3:00, Progress Brewing, located at 1822 Chico Ave in South El Monte will be taking us through their facility, and there are some strong rumors of some tacos, grilling, homemade salsa, and possibly some of the best ceviche in LA, all brought to you by our devoted Eastside riders, and especially the Hive Crew. http://www.kcet.org/socal/departures/el-monte/making-progress-in-south-el-monte-progress-brewing-company.html

More details will be posted as soon as I get them. Happy Drinko De Mayo!

Facebook Invite Page


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