Rose City Pizza 7th Anniversary

3 years ago I sat down with Brian Nittayo and we discussed craft beer being served, at the time he was just pouring the fizzy yellow stuff. His biggest seller was Blue Moon, yeah that stuff. So we talked about some entry brews to start with and the meeting went well, we started a great friendship after that.

Through the weeks I suggested other brews and was selling well, craft beer business was going well at RCP. So I started to go in weekly and have lunch, fantastic food! You can’t go wrong with Brian’s creations, them tots I tell you.

RCP even sold all my Rhino serious beers brewed by Ohana Brewing.

His menu has grown a lot since then, lots of regular customers and many new ones enjoy the food and big craft beer list that’s always rotating with many beers for everyone to enjoy.

Happy 7th anniversary Rose City Pizza, here’s to many more!

Starting 9/7 through Sunday 9/11 stop by and get a refreshing pint of craft beer (or soda) with the purchase of buffalo tots or pizza fries and get a special commemorative glass celebrating our 7 year anniversary!

Rose City Pizza
3588 Rosemead Blvd, Rosemead, CA 91770


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